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Zatista has a robust and highly curated collection of incredible artwork. Our site was carefully designed to make it easy for you to explore the collection and find the perfect piece to match your tastes, style, and budget. Whether you know exactly what you like or just know it when you see it, we have tools to help you discover great works of art.


Our search section allows you to browse serendipitously or pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for by using our search filters. You can easily refine your search by; Type, Medium, Style, Price, Color & Finishing, Size & Orientation as well as geographic region. You can also sort your results by largest/smallest, highest/lowest price and recently listed. Search for art.

Art Explorer

Our Art Explorer is a fun way to search for artwork and build your taste profile. Simply click on a work you love, as you do the Art Explorer automatically suggests more pieces based on your taste. The more you select, the better your suggestions. Try the art explorer.

Art Advisor

Work one on one with a Zatista art advisor to find the perfect piece, outfit your space or build your collection. Have an idea of what you’re looking for, need help deciding, or not sure where to begin? We can help, visit our Art Advisory page.

Commission a Custom Artwork

Commission a Zatista artist to create the perfect custom work of art just for you. Found a Zatista artist you love, but want something a little different? Have a subject personal to you that you want an artist to explore? Discovered a great piece but it was already sold? Looking for a particular size to fit your wall?  Whatever the reason, Zatista makes commissioning a custom piece of art easy. Artwork created specifically for you is even more meaningful and can fit your exact specifications. Learn more today.

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