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Modern vs. Contemporary Art
Modern vs. Contemporary Art

Roundism – 02-12-14 by Corne Akkers Painting, Oil on Wood Panel 39.4 inch x 47.2 inch $9,760

We all remember synonyms and antonyms from elementary school. But even now as adults, it can be easy to get tripped up. Even in the art world, there can be so much confusing terminology. Take for example, the often confusing terms of modern vs contemporary art.

Wonder Wall by Steven Miller Painting, Oil on Canvas 50.0 inch x 50.0 inch $6,850

In many other contexts, the words modern and contemporary mean the same thing. Something edgy and current, and reminiscent of our era. It could refer to almost anything, from dance to furniture.

BATH by Carolyn Schlam Painting, Oil on Canvas 40.0 inch x 28.0 inch $8,075

But in art, these words are used very differently. On the Zatista website, you can sort the art by modern or contemporary, and find exactly the kind of art you want. But what’s the difference between these two styles of art?

Un mardi a la campagne by Laurent Proneurur Painting, Oil on Canvas 40.0 inch x 74.0 inch $18,800

Let’s start with modern. According to many art scholars, modern isn’t even a style of art, but rather an era. Modern art is a word used to describe art made from the 1880s and ended some time in the 1960s. So, modern art may not be so modern after all! Contemporary is different. That term describes art made from the 1960s onward to today. Contemporary art is being created at this very moment!

Although the art world can seem complicated, it’s really quite simple. At Zatista, the online original art gallery, art is made easy with the wonderful website design. Find a piece of any era that is perfect for your space on Zatista today!

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