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How Much Do We Spend To Create?
How Much Do We Spend To Create?

BUCO NELL’ACQUA by Lucia Bergamini Painting, Oil on Canvas 28.0 inch x 40.0 inch $4,900

How much do you spend on tools to do your job? Do you need a fresh cup of coffee from Starbucks, or will home-brewed do the trick? Many times, artists have to make similar choices. What materials will they choose to make their work, and how much are they willing to pay for those materials?

They say that one of the reasons the Roman Empire fell was because of an artistic choice made by the emperor Nero. He commissioned a statue of himself made out of solid gold, which led to bankrupting the empire. In that case, the medium of art chosen was one that led to great regret.

Still Life with Snowdrops by Elena Barkhatkova Painting, Oil on Canvas 29.5 inch x 35.4 inch $17,500

On the other hand, sometimes using inexpensive material can take effort. For example, sculptor Ptolemy Elrington hunts alongside highways in his native country for hubcaps, which he later creates into beautiful sculptures and sells for high prices around the world. In this case, one man’s trash really can be someone else’s treasure.

Isabey Pure Kolinsky Sable Watercolor Brushes are made my master brushmakers, according to their website. The hair is made from the finest in Siberia, and only the most luxurious are used for each brush. This all sounds pretty nice until you see the price tag. A single one of these beautiful little brushes will set you back around $300, depending on its size.

Urban Marilyn by Anyes Galleani Mixed Media on Wood Panel 36.0 inch x 36.0 inch $2,670

If you think that is crazy, wait until you hear about this! The late fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld created a $3,000 art kit, which included colored pencils, and other “designer” art supplies. The whole set contains 50 art tools and includes 120 shades of water-soluble colored pencils. How’s that for a bargain?

All in all, we can create in many different ways. Who’s to say that your doodle on a coffee-stained napkin is no less artistic than a canvas decorated with some high priced colored pencils. Art is art and creating it has no price tag. At Zatista, artwork made from all materials is gathered and curated, just for you. Check out some original art today, and embrace your inner artist!

Only Connect by Joanne Soroka Mixed Media 44.0 inch (111.8 cm) x 63.0 inch (160.0 cm) $8,612


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