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How To Elevate An Entry
How To Elevate An Entry

Image via: centralazdining.com

Entries to our homes are all different, but equally important. It’s the first impression of our living space, and it matters. After all, entries set the tone for our whole house. Whether you and your guests enter into a tiny space, a hallway, straight into your living room, or a grand foyer, take the time to notice what you first see as you enter your home. Your eye needs a focal point and if you have one you’re ahead of the game. If you don’t have one, it’s time to create one.

Meditate by Susan Wooler Painting, Oil on Canvas 39.4 inch (100.0 cm) x 39.4 inch (100.0 cm) $3,675

A classic focal point is an entry table with art above, and maybe a lamp or some artifacts. If there’s no room for a table, hang art. But what type of art, you ask? Something that’s totally you and something you love a lot! Maybe it’s your favorite color, or genre, or an image of a place or person you love. You decide. Size matters too – aim for the width of an entry table, or slightly smaller. Much smaller than that will get lost on the wall, which won’t help at all!

Peonies in October by LOUISA SIMPSON Painting, Oil on Canvas 32.3 inch (82.0 cm) x 32.3 inch (82.0 cm) $1,850

At the very least, identify the wall your eye is most likely to see when entering a space and make that your focal wall with a smashing piece of original art. In entries, art is a lifesaver. It makes the space official! It puts a smile on your face, and it saves the day. Try this at home with a fantastic piece of art from our gallery. You might just jump for joy each time you walk through your door.

Canto 13 – Early Summer Thunder I by Lauren Adams Painting, Acrylic on Canvas 30.0 inch x 30.0 inch $950

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