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Heatherwick’s Vessel, NYC
Heatherwick’s Vessel, NYC

Image: Related-Oxford via: ny.curbed.com

via: www.hudsonyardsnewyork.com


Vessel – created by Thomas Heatherwick, one of the world’s foremost design visionaries, and Heatherwick Studio – is a new kind of public landmark: engaging and interactive, meant to be climbed and explored. Comprised of 154 intricately interconnecting flights of stairs—almost 2,500 individual steps— and 80 landings, Vessel will lift the public up, offering a multitude of ways to engage with and experience New York, Hudson Yards and each other. In total, Vessel will offer a mile’s worth of pathway rising up above the Gardens.

Influenced by Indian stepwells, made from hundreds of flights of stairs going down into the ground, the dramatic design of Vessel creates a stage set for New Yorkers and visitors from around the world: a geometric lattice of intersecting flights of stairs, whose form rises from a base that is 50 feet in diameter and widens at the top to 150 feet. It is constructed of a structural painted steel frame, its underside surfaces covered by a polished copper-colored steel skin.

This monumental design piece will act as New York City’s new public landmark.

Keep a watchful eye on its progress!

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