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Female Artists
Female Artists

Thank You For Giving This Bright New Morning by Gugi Goo Acrylic on Canvas 57.0 inch x 44.0 inch $5,539

In our current world of increasing individual rights including, among many other things, gender equality – female artists are focused on the blog today. There is some amazing talent and range here, all thanks to these powerful female voices. Of course we have many more female artists in our gallery than what we have space for in this post. So, we invite you to check out these artists and the wide variety of original artworks by *all* of our artists on Zatista.com!

Exoplanet by Irit Epstein Oil on Canvas 30.0 inch x 36.0 inch $2,727

Hidden Beauty by Valeria Fulop-Pochon Acrylic on Canvas 29.9 inch (76.0 cm) x 29.9 inch (76.0 cm) $2,119

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