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Summer Down Under
Summer Down Under

Secluded Place 2 by Glenn Miller Oil on Canvas, 14.0 inch (35.6 cm) x 18.0 inch (45.7 cm) $1,117

It must be very disorienting for natives of the Southern Hemisphere to spend the end of year holidays in the Northern Hemisphere. For example, I don’t know how long it would take me to get used to celebrating the New Year in my bathing suit at the beach.

SUNSET SKY by Lynne Godina-Orme Acrylic on Canvas, 36.2 inch (92.0 cm) x 48.0 inch (122.0 cm) $1,305

But of course all of this is perfectly normal when you’re from the Southern Hemisphere. They must think we’re the ones who are pretty weird!

‘Mudgee landscape’ by David Newman-White Oil on Canvas, 100.0 inch (254.0 cm) x 100.0 inch (254.0 cm) $2,842

I suppose it wouldn’t be too confusing if I was in the habit of traveling to the tropics this time of year. But typically I’m home December thru February, and if I travel it may involve snow, rather than the beach.

‘Over Eyre’ Plate 14 by Ric Wallis Photograph, 56.0 inch (142.2 cm) x 42.0 inch (106.7 cm) $1,775

Park Walk by Glenn Miller Oil on Canvas, 14.0 inch (35.6 cm) x 18.0 inch (45.7 cm) $1,117

But as I sit here today feeling colder than I would like, drinking my third cup of tea, I wonder about life down under and all those experiencing summer in December. A shout out to our artists down under today. Share your summery perspective with us if you have a moment!

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