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Feeling Fancy

Spot Oh Cream by Sydney Hall $2,595

Dressing up with pearls, out for tea and biscuits with friends, or a rich cup of coffee – what makes you feel fancy? There are plenty of ways to add a little spice to our lives. What is your guilty pleasure?

Tea for Two by Konnie Kim SOLD

“Tea for Two” by Konnie Kim can be an adorably fancy painting to display in your home. With delicate tulips and cups of hot tea, who wouldn’t feel a bit of the cozy “fanciness” in this painting?

The Birthday Girl by Therese Lydia Joseph $458.82

“The Birthday Girl” by Therese Lydia Joseph is another piece that exhibits the perfect amount of fancy. This is a little girl all dolled up for her birthday.

Pinot Noir by Skeet Sirmons $790

At home with friends or out on the town, wine can make some of us feel a little fancier. How about this painting by Skeet Sirmons, “Pinot Noir”?

Empress Exotica (Whimsical Exotic Woman) by Jayne Somogy $435.00

Whatever makes you feel a little fancier, why not display it in your home? Decorating with art like this from Zatista can make you feel just a tad more dressed up even when you’re sitting on the couch in your pajamas! Browse more of our fancy art today on Zatista.

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