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Fishy Art

A Fish Watcher by Gabriela DeLamater $290

Whether you have an aquarium or you simply admire the beauty of fish in the sea, art that displays “fish life” is intriguing and colorful. With their scaly bodies and flowing tails, fish are graceful and fun to watch.

Beta Blur 8 by Michael Filonow $385

“Beta Blur 8” by Michael Filonow is a photograph of beta fish swimming together. Their movement in this picture is quick and embracing.

Fishing Hole by Karin Lowney-Seed SOLD

“Fishing Hole” by Karin Lowney-Seed paints a vibrant picture of fish in motion, which could be displayed beautifully beside any aquarium or in a room that looks good wearing blue.

Morning Glory by Anne Lively $120

What is your favorite fish to watch? The tiny little minnows or the friendly clownfish? Something as large as a bass, or as small as a french angel?

French Angel by Jim Lipschutz $375

Whatever you find intriguing about the sea or aquariums, you’re sure to find similar art at Zatista.com. Leave us a comment and let us know your favorite “fishy” art.

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