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All Aboard!

All Boys Love Trains by Polly Podolsky $985

Dark, loud, and adventuresome, trains are loved by many. Little boys play with them and older ones dream of conducting them. Hanging artsy trains like these in your home adds a masculine feel and can spark a thrill for adventure in anyone.

Engine No.3025 by John Kilduff $850

“All Boys Love Trains” has the title exactly right! Most boys love to “chug” them along, pretending to make “choo-choo” noises and playing conductor as they call, “All aboard!” What boy wouldn’t love to see his very own train on a wall in his room?

Gaia by Jon Bidwell $59

As they get older, some men become more and more fascinated with the mechanisms of what makes the train go. Their engines are loud and burly, manly enough for any man cave.

Fare Thee Well My Ramblin’ Boy by Polly Podolsky $575

Steam Train Vintage by Eddie Alfaro $165

Whether you have a curious five-year-old or are a knowledgeable adult, trains are a great way to add interest to a room at any age. All aboard to Zatista.com to check them out!

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Art of Trains
Just over one block away, the sound is loud yet also comforting. I like hearing the sound of the train and its whistle - it makes me feel like I live in a small, old fashioned kind of place...