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New York, New York

New York Windows 1301 by Marilyn Henrion $7,650

I like to think of myself as well-traveled. I’ve been across the pond a handful of times, experienced cultures differing from mine, and have dined on unfamiliar cuisine. When I take a step back though, I have to question how much of the world I really have seen…when I have yet to experience New York City!

New York City 35 by Jon Bidwell $59

Ah, New York. A concrete masterpiece. Buildings that kiss the sky, and home to Mother Liberty. What I would give to walk a day in your city!

Elevated Subway Station by Howard Danelowitz $4,300

Have you gone for a midday stroll in Central Park? Have you seen the town light up like a Christmas tree at night? Maybe you’re like me, longing to just stand in the busyness of the town as pedestrians wave down cabs and rush past with hot coffee. Or maybe you’re eager to visit Time Square one New Year’s Eve.

Central Park Dawn by Montgomery Gilchrist $125

Looking up New York City by Humberto Vidal $530

There is so much that NYC is known for, so much to experience. Maybe you’re anxious to re-visit there because – let’s be honest – you can’t see it all in a day.

Grand Central Terminal – New York by James Conley $220

Liberty over Abstract by Simon Fairless $975

Perhaps you’re a city dweller. NYC is home to you. Whatever your story, whatever your experience, you can bring New York to you with art like this from Zatista. The night lights, the towering buildings, or the peacefulness of Central Park – whatever you love or wish to love about NYC, find it now at Zatista.com.


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