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Art Imitating Television

Scenes of Childhood by Stephen Kutos $450

Television has taken on a new form with Netflix, Hulu and on demand changing the way we watch. Binge watching has become a cultural phenomenon and people are getting exponentially more engrossed in television shows. So, it’s no wonder that some artists and graphic designers have used television characters and settings as inspiration for art. Here are some of the best artistic representations of the shows we are all addicted to.

The ever famous show about a cancerous science teacher and his meth business. These, and a vast amount of others swimming around the internet, capture the draw of the show. The first, by Tim Doyle, captures the motif – in New Mexico, any insane happening is not only possible but probable. The second, by Ty Mattson, shows the ominously bright Walter White decked out in his alter ego.

The Cook, by Tim Doyle via mrdoyle.com

The greatest ‘Breaking Bad’ posters ever by Ty Mattson

My personal obsession, House of Cards, plays into the fear of many Americans: corruption in government. A strapping southern politician and his politically perfect wife hide their indiscretions as they go for the top of the ladder, the Presidency, pulling down whomever they need to in the process. These pieces by Tomasz Majewski and Dustin Parker capture the brilliant deviance that is Frank Underwood.

by Tomasz Majewski

by Dustin Parker

The gripping tail of a bad deed coming back to haunt you. Plucked out of her normal life, this woman is in jail for aiding in the crimes of her ex-lover. The shocking inside of the women’s jail system is played out through a full cast of characters including those depicted here by Karine “Koko” Leclair – an anonymous fan called Crazy Eyes and Miss Rosa.

Artwork by Karine “Koko” Leclair


Based on the George R. R. Martin books, which are riveting even if you’ve seen the show, this story turns left every time you think it’s going to turn right. The characters are introduced and die at the will of the author tearing at your fragile, HBO addicted heart. These artists, Andy De Pooter and Mordi Levi take a snapshot of the characters we love and pray make it to the next episode.

Arya and the Hound by Andy De Pooter Painting process on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRlOMqFLkmg

Illustration Margaery Low Poly by Mordi Levi

Television is opening up the world’s deep obsessions. As we’ve seen from these pieces, the more people get enthralled, the better the art. Television (and its inspired art work) will soon have the same prowess as literature and film minus the lingering reality shows. Movie posters hanging in dorm rooms will change drastically if artists and graphic designers continue to dive this deep over and over again. What a wonderful change it will be.

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