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Keep Cool

The air has a sticky quality, the temperature has climbed over the sweating threshold, and people are crossing to the shaded side of the street on the morning commute. It’s hot. Even though restaurants are seating customers outside, there is an allure to the air-conditioned dining room. To quench your thirst for a break from the blistering sun, here are a few artists who’ve captured the moment of refreshing relief.

The Joy of Girls by Allan O’Marra $2,350

The second before you hit the water is perfect. Sure the pool is frigid and the water clogs your nose, but the heat that has been stuck to you since the moment you cracked the screen door has vanished. The anticipation is tangible in this photo.

A Fond Farewell by Sharilyn Neidhardt $1,425

The glass of water glistening on the table, even warmed by the sun, is a gift after you’ve baked in a lawn chair. The beautiful bend of light off the cool beverage in this photo catches the perfect sentiment of the a crisp summer drink.

Three Fishermen by william london $640

The touch of toes in the water and the breeze of the bay are reprieves from the bake of the beach. Okay, so I’ve no clue where these fishermen are, but they’re cooled, calm and happy. That’s a beautiful way to spend the summer.

Avoid the heat, enjoy the breeze, and remember the moment when you hit the water to keep cool on the hottest of days.


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