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Colors of a Room

With each room in your home, you want to create a certain mood. The aesthetic of the room can be greatly influenced by color. A blue comfy couch can be calming, while bright yellow curtains will help wake you up in the morning. Here are some colorful art options to add to a room begging for a mood equalizer:

Rebellion by Rossana Currie $390

Red can make a room warmer and evokes passion, and  liveliness. Because of its active energy, red can be a good color for a kitchen or living room. Red can stimulate conversation or inspire you while cooking. Darker red in the living room can be elegant, but reds in general increase the pulse so it’s not a great color to have in a bedroom where rest is needed.

Skyscrapers in Montreal – Cityscape by Cristina Stefan $1,075

Blue is restful and is a great option for bedrooms or bathrooms. With a serene and soothing feel, it can create a stress-free retreat zone. A light blue tone can be cooling and can reflect a coldness already present, so stay away from this color in basements. However, blue’s calm feel can offset a cramped or small space.

sunflower by Thurston Howes $425

Yellow is bright and energizing and it exudes happiness and sunshine. The right yellow can instill laughter and optimism on the walls, but too much yellow can easily be overwhelming. According to 99design, “In design, yellow is often used to grab attention in an energetic and comforting way.”

Industrial Girl by Anyes Galleani $725

Purple is an office, bedroom, living room, and every room color. It gives a creative and royal feel.  Soothing or calming with an air of beauty, it’s a great color for stimulating ideas. It can also be used to make a room romantic and mysterious. According to Smashing Magazine, “Purple was long associated with royalty. It’s a combination of red and blue, and takes on some attributes of both. It’s associated with creativity and imagination, too.”

If you have a room that missing something, feels unbalanced or just needs a boost, add  art with colors to shift the room’s energy. You’ll be surprised how much the color of the art can change the feeling of the room; try it out with some great Zatista art today!


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