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Easter Egg Decoration

Embroidery Eggs: Loving the vibrant hues of these eggs wrapped in embroidery floss. Definitely a project that takes a good amount of patience and precision. (via Craftberry Bush)

Every holiday has its thing. Christmas has trees, Halloween has pumpkins, and Easter has eggs. Since eggs aren’t all that exciting, we’ve dressed them up with paint. This has become its own art form from Eastern European delicate painting to Pinterest inspired string wrapped eggs. Here are a few artful ideas to inspire  your egg decorating for this year’s Easter egg display.

Watercolor ombre eggs by craftberrybush.com

There is always the standard solid color egg, but to switch it up, you can ombre. The eggs depicted are craft eggs that Lucy from Craftberry Bush says lend themselves to the watercolor used for ombre. They can accent the colors of your home during the season quite nicely. Lucy says, “This ombre effect, is easy to achieve. Just start with you lightest shade and move down your color palette without rinsing your brush in between.”

image via: http://boulderlocavore.com

Here is a great idea from Boulder Locovore using silk ties. A little more involved than painting, these eggs use the die from old silk ties to transfer on to the shell creating beautiful pictures. The process is to open a tie and wrap the eggs in the tie fabric and muslin then boil them in water and white vinegar. For full directions for these abstract art eggs, check out Toni Dash’s article.

From bhg.com

These paint-splattered eggs from Better Homes and Gardens look modern and are fun to create. Once you dye your eggs, break out the paint brush and drizzle black paint across them. If you find it difficult to keep the eggs up while you drizzle, you can grab some styrofoam, stick in toothpicks and create a platform to hold the eggs without getting paint everywhere.

from oleanderandpalm.com

Last but not least, Chalk board your eggs. Oleander + Palm used paper mache eggs to create the ones pictured, but real hard boil eggs would work as well. These you design a different master piece every day leading up to easter. And the best part, if you mess up, its no big deal – just start over!

Proudly display your artistic egg-decorating talents this year. Easter decorations are a great way to get creative, or bond with your kids. Have a little fun decorating and make some crazy eggs and let your artsy side come!

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