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The Art of Breakfast

BUONGIORNO by Lucia Bergamini on Zatista.com

This is my favorite time of year for breakfast – daylight savings time makes the sunrise later, warmer weather teases the east coast, and vacation is on the horizon. The mornings are softer and brighter than they have been in months. So, wake up a little earlier and enjoy your coffee for a little longer. These breakfast themed pieces can help you keep the warm morning theme in your kitchen all year long.

Full English Breakfast by Andy Mercer on Zatista.com

 When I was young —  and every time I come home —  my dad made pancakes and bacon for breakfast every Sunday. We experimented with chocolate chips, sprinkles and peanut butter. What better way to include art in a child’s room that having the subject be something they love: food.

Nine A.M. by Marie Sequens on Zatista.com

What is breakfast without coffee? This piece would be great  for a room with lots of natural light. A warm kitchen with yellow walls will be balanced by the temperate blues. The soft strokes keep it comfy and cozy to enjoy your breakfast.

My First Time by Lorenzo Laiken on Zatista.com

Go out for brunch in your kitchen. Everyone loves to go out to eat, and I think the best meal to eat out is brunch. Bring some of that good food and relaxation to your home by adding a photo of a classic breakfast. The delicate flatware can bring a refinement to the kitchen, especially in a room with darker walls.

Retro Kitchen by Patrick Edgeley on Zatista.com

If you have a more modern kitchen, add something with a little character. This piece would be perfect above a coffee station, or over a sink. It will bring a pop of color to the room as well. Enjoy the nice weather and bright mornings with a few pieces of art celebrating the best meal of the day: breakfast!


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