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Sculpture Anyone?

Lear by Lisa Sanders on Zatista.com

Be honest. On a scale of one to ten, how well are you incorporating sculpture into your art collection? If your answer is in the low digits, let’s talk about some ideas together.

When I say sculpture, I’m not talking about larger than life statues of David in your living room. There are many ways to get into three dimensional art without looking like a museum. Table top sculpture tends to be smaller in scale and can be appropriate in areas such as an entry hall, living room or dining room.

Coral Star by David F Willis on Zatista.com

Medium size pieces or floor sculptures can also hold space well in niches or stair landings.

Muse of the Crimson Sunrise by Jan and Jo Moore on Zatista.com

Some sculpture sit on a pedestals so you can come face to face with its intimate details.

Italian Marble Roman Bust on Pedestal. Circa 1840 1stdibs.com

Some need a room all their own.

Anish Kapoor, Memory (2008)

Don’t forget 3D wall installations or a piece hanging from a ceiling. This all counts as sculpture too.

Indescribable by Marjorie Kaye on Zatista.com

Free Fall by Janet Fryer on Zatista.com

Whatever type of sculpture works best for your home, consider including a piece or two in your art collection. Rounding out the various mediums you have in one collection creates synergy and all pieces end up looking better because of it!


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