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Radiant Orchid

In case you missed it, the Pantone Color of the Year for 2014 is Radiant Orchid. If you already knew, it’s worth revisiting.

I have a deep respect for the colors that Pantone chooses to spotlight each year, and I happen to find 2014’s color incredibly beautiful and calm.  Searching through Zatista by color is an interesting path if you haven’t tried it before. I typically search by medium, theme, or price, but I haven’t searched by color before now.

Here is Pantone’s color of the year:

When I search the website for purple, I absolutely love what I find. Not all of the pieces are monochromatic, but they all incorporate shades of purple in some way.

Gracie’s Seat, a photograph by Marc Plouffe is available here for $600. I find the simplicity of this image quite stunning. While the scene is nothing spectacular, the colors make it almost unreal.

Gracie’s Seat, a photograph by Marc Plouffe on Zatista.com

I love the running of the colors and the passion portrayed in Franck De Las Merecedes’ painting, Love Ink. 2, which is available here for $127.

Franck De Las Merecedes’ painting, Love Ink. 2 on Zatista.com

As you can tell, I love simplicity. This photograph by Michael Filonow is appropriately called “Pink” and is available here for $110. This would be gorgeous in an entryway or foyer.

Pink by Michael Filonow on Zatista.com

These vibrant pieces are nothing short of radiant, and they also incorporate the color of the year: orchid. I find that many purple artworks are very soothing and relaxed. Next time you’re checking out our friendly on-line gallery, think about searching by color with no medium or style in mind. You may be pleasantly surprised by what you find!


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