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Patriotic Art

In lieu of the current festivities – Canada Day in the True White North and the coming Fourth of July in dear old ‘Merica – let us take a moment to appreciate the art that honors both of our dear countries.

Ottawa, by Denise Buisman Pilger, www.zatista.com

Since Monday was the celebration of Canada’s 146th birthday, let’s go down the list of what makes Canada so original, great, and iconic: Only in Canada can you order a coffee with two cream and two sugar by saying, “A Double-Double, Please.”

Maples, by Pam Lostracco, www.zatista.com

Maple syrup, maple candy, maple trees, and maple scented hundred dollar bills… need I say more? How about our need to apologize, even if it is someone else that bumps into us? Our bilingual nation. Our superior hockey skills. How about the polar bears we ride to work?

Late Summer Field, Maxwell Settlement, by Allan O'Marra, www.zatista.com

My favourite thing about this country as a Canadian is our landscape. As a citizen who has lived in every corner of this vast and diverse land, it is what amazes me most, eh? Allan O’Marra’s work here speaks to my testament perfectly.

American, by Jon Bidwell, www.zatista.com

Dear ol’ America- the land of the free, the brave, the independent. This week celebrates your separation from Great Britain in 1776. The United States is by far one of the most proud and patriotic countries I have ever traveled to. Flags on almost every house, car, backpack, and storefront.

American Guardian, by Jennifer Childs, www.zatista.com

A massive country full of diverse cultures within a culture. From state to state, the lifestyle changes but the hospitality always stays the same. Home to some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes, monuments, and natural wonders, this country has something for everyone.

Liberty Wave, by Jennifer Childs, www.zatista.com

This week, remember to show love for your country, wherever you may be. Sing your anthem, walk your land, and last but not least – support your local artists.

Happy Canada-Day-Fourth-of-July to all!


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