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Spotlight on Female Artists
Spotlight on Female Artists

Third Wave by Deanna Fainelli Mixed Media on Wood Panel 23.8 inch x 17.8 inch $800

Today we’re shining a spotlight on female artists – who are power houses of color, form and expression. Lucky for you we have lots of original artwork by female artists here on Zatista.com. Some influential female artists you may already know or should know are: Mary Cassatt, Georgia O’Keefe, Frida Kahlo, Helen Frankenthaler, Agnes Martin, Judy Chicago, Cindy Sherman, Yayoi Kusma, Louise Bourgeois, Vija Celmins and there are so many more we cannot even begin to create a complete list. In case you’re curious who some of our female artists are, we’re here to show you. Add an original work by a female artist to your art collection today from Zatista.com!

Mrs Y# by Marilina Marchica Mixed Media on Canvas 42.5 inch x 31.5 inch $1,800

Innate by Elizabeth Chapman Painting, Acrylic on Canvas 40.0 inch x 40.0 inch $2200

Collective Memories by Theresa Vandenberg Donche Mixed Media on Canvas 72.0 inch x 48.0 inch $5800

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