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Collecting Art

Portrait of Man by Livia Mosanu $650

Collecting artwork is wildly popular these days and the profile of big 21st century collectors is changing every day. Living in a more globalized world means that the people with the most money to spend are looking for the next new thing. They have their penthouses, businesses, and fancy cars all in a row, and they want to collect art too!

Portrait of a Dog by Christine Cousineau $1,650

We might not run in the same circles as the world’s biggest art collectors, but still the question is the same – what to collect? Original art, of course! Almost anything from any artist is a good start – as long as it’s original and not a poster or mass reproduction of any kind. From commissioned personal portraits to expansive contemporary artworks, the options are endless.

American Family Portrait by Jeff Pugh $1,000

If you’re looking for tips on collecting original artwork, check out art-collecting.com – they offer a large variety of tips and resources related to art collecting and visual fine art.

FUEGO by Rich Moyers $510

Shell Cluster by Max Rodriguez $275

Whether you’re a beginning collector, or already have a few pieces to build upon, Zatista.com is the place to shop today for the art collection in your home.

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