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Stay Green

Now that fall is here that means Winter is just around the corner, and for most of us that means Nature will be unleashing a palate of grey, brown and white for a few months. Plan ahead to stave off those winter blues with some bright original artwork to remind you of Spring/Summer and keep your spirits lifted!

Spring – Flowers are the epitome of Spring. From photographs to paintings, these lovely florals will keep a smile on your face.

Hello by Katina Desmond on Zatista.com

Lavender Field by Linda Yurgensen on Zatista.com

Purple Zebra by Frank DeSantis on Zatista.com

Blue Nebula by Michael Filonow on Zatista.com

April Flowers by Franck De Las Mercedes on Zatista.com

Three Red Tulips by Thurston Howes on Zatista.com

Summer – Nothing reminds us of summer like the beach. These original works should have tropical breezes wafting through your mind in no time!

Seaside Glow by Timon Sloane on Zatista.com

Palm Boogie by Roxene Sloate on Zatista.com

Santa Monica Beach Lifeguard Stand by Warren Keating on Zatista.com

Shangri-La by William London on Zatista.com

Colorful works of art not only brighten up a room, but they can also brighten your mood. With good art, there’s no need to suffer through those Winter blues!

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